Taut Fibre Exhibition

15.11.18 - 15.12.18

10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Moss Bank Library


Jonathon Beaver is an embroiderer, animator and arts educator based in Liverpool.  He began working with needlepoint at the age of nine, encouraged by an auntie.  He uses this traditional craft, often used to mark family occasions and decorate homes, to evoke queer family.

Jonathon’s pieces range from small scale to large tapestries reminiscent of work from a bygone era, but bringing an old craft into a contemporary setting through subject matter. His practice takes traditional constructions of gender roles and identities and allows them to be explored and freed from societal shackles. Much of his work is an exploration of his personal gender preferences and identities both as an individual and an artist.

Using words and literature as a starting point Jonathon will be in residence at various St Helens Libraries, creating new work for an exhibition at Moss Bank Library as part of Take Over Festival and Homotopia in November and December.