An Audience with Jonathan Griffith

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7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Chester Lane Library


Jonathan Griffith is an 81 year old self-taught artist with cerebral palsy.

Griffith has always been determined to remain independent from a very young age and then ‘left home’ at 33 where he rented a tiny bedsit flat with a garage. There, he got friends to help make the special furniture he designed so he could be self-sufficient.
He developed his painting skills in his spare time over many years and his retrospective exhibition at Unity Theatre in Liverpool (Nov 1st – Dec 8th) charts his work as his style has evolved and he gradually lost the mobility that allowed him to paint.
Jonathan will talk us through his memories of Liverpool, his journey into painting and drawing. Share his writing reflecting his lived experience of being disabled, his encounters with changing perspectives and attitudes towards disability over time.

BSL Signed performance

Accessible toilet, ramp and parking

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