Our Celebration

St Helens 150 marks the 150th anniversary of the incorporation of St Helens as a Municipal Borough by Queen Victoria.

In 1868 St Helens was responsible for the administration of the four townships and manors of Eccleston, Parr, Sutton and Windle. In 1887 this role was expanded to a County Borough, which was superseded in 1974 by the larger Metropolitan Borough.

During 2018 we will reflect our on proud history, heritage and culture and also look forward to the St Helens of tomorrow.

St Helens has four strategic objectives;

  • To grow the economy
  • To raise aspiration and ambition
  • To create sustainable health and social care
  • To be better connected

These objectives are not mutually exclusive, and the whole St Helens 150 programme has been created to support their delivery. We will also celebrate the new narrative of our place as somewhere that is culturally centred, the educated choice and a place that is transforming from industry to ingenuity.

The St Helens 150 programme contains a diverse range of events to ensure that there is something for everyone to participate in. Local agency for collaborative and social arts practice, Heart of Glass, will lead an exciting programme of events throughout the year.

Later in the year a new original composition “Song for St Helens” will be launched. The song is currently being created by local by school pupils in conjunction with St Helens Music Hub.

A poem for St Helens

“Our Town” by Lynn Gerrard

From Johnny Wellies to Johnny Vegas
Beechams pills for ills that plagued us
From Pimblett’s pies and Pilkingtons glass
To the Theatre Royal for a touch of class
For all those with a thirst for learning
The Gamble Institute filled that yearning
And for other thirsts and needs to quench
Greenhall’s brewery was Heaven sent!
And for those in search of an arty buzz
You need look no further than Cultural Hubs
As libraries showcase all you need
Through their ever expanding entertainment feed
Whilst Heart Of Glass keep pulses thumping
By supporting creatives and providing funding
Then there’s the scoring might of our rugby team
Fuelling cheer and feeding dreams
Of fans and folk so proud to be
Part of the St Helens Family
And family we are through thick and thin
Bearing hardship with a grin
Because it’s in our history and in our blood
To help the other as families should
So let’s celebrate the past we share
And re-generate wealth in a town we care
So much about, a town that’s as true
For future generations as it was for me and you
Our town
Our future
St Helens

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