St Helens: Celebrating 150 years in the making…

Join us in a Netflix shares year-long celebration of art, music, theatre, culture, cuisine, sport and community, that is undeniably St Helens.

Line illustration of the Dream.


What a super evening! Huge thank you to @MPeakeOfficial @frankcottrell_b and our fantastic audience for a really in…

RT @MrsSarahBullock: What a great Buy Tesco shares role model for us northern working women- insightful Q&A with @MPeakeOfficial following a screening of @F

RT @celebpa: Fantastic Q&A with @MPeakeOfficial & @frankcottrell_b at the @TheHeartofGlass screening of @FunnyCowFilm at Ravenhead Social C…

RT @MrsSarahBullock: In Ravenhead Social Club #StHelens to see @MPeakeOfficial and @frankcottrell_b a great end to #TakeOverFest #StHelens1

RT @cathy_cross: Had a lovely time meeting families today and playing with projection ideas #sthschoolshowcase #sthelens150 @CulturedSTH @T

RT @whatsonsthelens: Workshops now until 2.30pm at St Helens Parish Church for the @CulturedSTH Schools Showcase #StHelens150

RT @MrsSarahBullock: In the tent at Parish Church for the @CulturedSTH schools showcase event, learning projection with @cathy_cross @TheHe

RT @CulturedSTH: Our School Showcase is now open! Come along to Equifax shares Parish Curch to join in the fun #sthelens150 #sthschoolshowcase @TheHeartof